Technical requirements for posters

Contact details

If any problems or questions should arise, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Format / version

Your poster will be attached to a partition wall (which is 1,20m wide and 2,50m high) and   labelled with a number. Please attach your poster to the wall space where the number corresponds to the number of your poster in the programme.

You can attach your poster from the morning of Wednesday 2 July and leave it there until the end of the Conference on the afternoon of Friday 4 July. The local organisers will provide adhesive materials for attaching your poster.

You will have the opportunity to present your poster during a Conference plenary session. This year you can support your 1 minute presentation with one slide (this can be a slide of the poster itself or another slide if you prefer).

Each presenter will have one minute to present each poster. There will be two sessions on Thursday 3 July:

11:45-12:00 Presentation of Posters I
Room: Level 1, Concert Hall
Chair: Wilhelm Widmark, Stockholm University Library

14:30-14:45     Presentation of posters II
Room: Level 1, Concert Hall
Chair: Matthijs van Otegem, Erasmus University Library

Handing in poster presentations before the Conference

In order to have your poster also made available on our website, and to have your slide ready for the poster session (if you decide to use a slide other than the poster itself for the poster session), please send both files (<10 MB) to If the files are greater than 10 MB, please send us a cloud storage link to download.

Handing in poster presentations to the MediaCheck at the Conference venue

You may also hand over your poster and slide (if you decide to use a slide other than the poster itself for the poster session) in person to the MediaCheck, located near the registration desk. There is no file size limitation for your file(s).

Opening hours for MediaCheck for Posters

Wednesday, 2 July 09.00 – 13.00, 14.00 – 18.00.

Presentation uploads to the Conference website

Conference poster presentations will be uploaded to the LIBER 2014 website. If you are using a slide other than the poster itself for the presentation, please tell LIBER 2014 staff at the MediaCheck which version is to be projected and which is to be uploaded. It is each speaker’s responsibility to ensure that the presentation uploaded to the web does not plagiarize other people’s work or infringe copyright.


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