SPARC Europe/LIBER Joint Workshop on the FOSTER and PASTEUR4OA Projects

‘Open Access Policy for Europe: the Implications for European Research Libraries’

Two new EU-funded projects on Open Access are now underway and we offer an interactive event to enable librarians to understand the implications of the new H2020 policy and to engage with these two projects. Both projects have big benefits for research libraries. They will be able to offer guidance and practical assistance to libraries in the implementation of the policy and the chance to collaborate on providing training opportunities.

The workshop will describe their aims and report progress on the projects during the first few months. The project FOSTER (Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research) is developing training materials and programmes for libraries, policymakers and researchers about Open Access and Open Data. All will be available online, including the delivery of training courses.). In the workshop, we will engage participants in planning these materials, in testing those already produced and in thinking about how best to ensure they are taken up and used by the research community.

Project PASTEUR4 OA (Open Access Policy Alignment Strategies for European research) is a project focused on policy development. Its aims are to raise awareness amongst policymakers and libraries of the new Horizon 2020 policy, which includes mandatory Open Access and a pilot on Open Data, and to encourage and assist policymakers in Member States and in research institutions that do not yet have a policy on Open Access to develop one, in line with the Recommendation to Member States issued by the European Commission in July 2012. The workshop will be a chance for librarians to input into discussions on on-the-ground problems in getting a policy adopted and implemented, and to share success stories (or otherwise!) and learn from examples of best practice.

We will run the event in ‘World Café’ style, with experts on the various topics presiding at tables. Participants will circulate round the tables according to their particular interests in a series of short, timed (25-30 minutes) sessions that allow time for questions and discussion of each topic. Among the experts will be Dr Dan North (LIBER), Lars Bjornshauge, Vanessa Proudman and Dr Alma Swan (SPARC Europe), Dr Eloy Rodrigues (University of Minho) and Dr Victoria Tsoukala (Greek Documentation Centre).

We will provide a short introduction to the topics at the beginning of the workshop. There will be a coffee break in the middle of the event, and the table sessions will take place either side of this. At the end we will have a short wrap-up session to make sure you have learned what you needed to from the event.

We do very much look forward to welcoming you at the workshop, answering your questions and enjoying the discussions with you.