APARSEN Workshop

Usability and Accessibility and Aspects of Digital Preservation

The workshop consists of a number of outcomes from the APARSEN Project. APARSEN is a European project that runs until the end of this year, aimed at the establishment of a Virtual Centre of Excellence on digital preservation. The project partners gathered expertise on a wide range of digital preservation issues clustered around four topics: (1) Trust, (2) Sustainability, (3) Accessibility, and (4) Usability. The workshop is focused on the last two topics covered in the APARSEN Project. The most important outcomes of the work carried out in the project are presented and discussed in the workshop.

The usability aspect of digital preservation is covered by a presentation on interoperability and intelligibility. The focus in this presentation will be on solutions for semantic interoperability in order to keep data understandable and processable in the long run.

The accessibility aspect of digital preservation is covered by three presentations. The first contribution concerns the importance of persistent identifiers to provide durable access to digital objects. More specifically in this presentation attention is paid to an interoperability framework that enables seamless access to digital objects that have two or more persistent identifiers. Two other contributions in the access topic concern an analysis of digital rights and access management of digital objects and a presentation on policy issues relevant for digital preservation. Both presentations pay attention to the outcomes of a survey carried out under the framework of the APARSEN Project.

Duration: 09:00 – 12:30

Workshop programme:

Each presentation takes 40 minutes and includes at least 15 minutes for discussion.

09:00-09:10 Introduction to the workshop. Background of the APARSEN project and context of the topics covered in the workshop

09:10-09:50 Interoperability and Intelligibility (Yannis Kargakis, Forth, Greece)

09:50-10:30 Persistent Identifiers (Maurizio Lunghi, FRD, Italy)

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-11:40 Digital Rights and Access Management (Stefan Hein, DNB, Germany)

11:40-12:20 Data Policies and Governance (Juha Lehtonen, CSC, Finland)

12:20-12:30 Wrap-up and Conclusions