Conference Reception

Thursday 3 July 2014, 18.30-22.30

Small Guild
Amatu iela 3/5, Riga

The Reception venue is located in the historic centre of Riga, ‘Vecriga’, which is closed to traffic. To get to the Reception venue, you can either take a taxi, walk (1.5km/a 20min walk), or cross the ‘Akmens Tilts’ (Stone Bridge) by taking buses (#3, #4, #4Z, #7, #8, #10, #21, #22, #23, #25, #26, #30, #35, #38, #39, #43, #55), trams (#2, #4, #5, #10) or trolley buses (#9, #27). If you are travelling by bus or tram, please get off at the stop: ‘Grecinieku iela’, and then walk through the ‘Vecriga’. If you are travelling by trolley bus, please get off at the stop: ‘11.novembra krastmala’, and then walk through the ‘Vecriga’.

The Riga Small Guild, or the Guild of St John (Die Kleine Gilde zu Riga, Sankt-Johannis-Gilde), was a fraternity of master craftsmen which was active from 1352 to 1936, when the Chamber of Crafts was founded.

The interior of the Small Guild is noteworthy and abundant. The hall, lobby and staircase floors are lined with terrazzo mosaics. All the windows in the house are of artistic colourful stained glass, specifically made and ordered from Hanover. The pointed tree fringes on the door and window boxes are embellished with aphorisms and sayings painted in Gothic letters.

Today, the Small Guild is used for festive events, business meetings, conferences, presentations, balls and concerts. The former craftsmen house now operates as a cultural and folk art centre and houses a variety of cultural organisations – children, young and senior amateur groups, vocal ensembles, popular applied arts and fine arts studios, amateur theatres, instrumental bands and a folklore group.

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