Local Host Invitation: REIER Industry Update

Friday 4 July:  14:15-14:45
Room: Level 1, Concert Hall

REIER Display Cases – A New Chapter in Book Preservation and Exhibition

Vitrinen- und Glasbau REIER GmbH is an innovative worldwide operating company with a mission to develop and produce high-quality furnishings and equipment for museums and libraries. Charged with the responsibility of protecting cultural collections and artifacts, security is a primary objective. The quality and craftsmanship reflected in our museum and exhibition products – display cases, exhibition walls, lighting – reflects a high calibre of design, functionality and security with an underlying sensitivity for conservation and environmental protection.

Our products are distinguished by high quality and our production values maintained by means of a consistently monitored internal quality control management system. Efficient and cost-effective production ensures excellent value.

In co-operation with well-known research institutes, we are actively investigating the impact of light conditions, climate and environment on exhibits. Our ongoing commitment, competence and innovative drive with regard to product development are reflected in the development of new products and the registration of a number of patents.